B-Safe Safety Solutions is committed to providing high quality Work Health and Safety services that make Australian workplaces safer places to work.

At B-Safe Safety Solutions, we pride ourselves on being workplace health and safety experts – so you don’t have to be.

The team at B-Safe Safety Solutions are focused on making positive changes to workplace health and safety because of the belief that everyone should return home in the same way they went to work.

We offer practical WHS solutions, with a focus on building long term relationships with clients to ensure their WHS obligations and needs are always met.
From managing workplace safety with effective WHS plans, to custom in-house training for employees, B-Safe Safety Solutions is the only call you need to make for workplace health and safety.

B-Safe Safety Solutions helps both small and large Australian businesses take a more proactive approach to managing WHS risks in your workplaces. With our assistance, you can protect your staff, meet your WHS obligations and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your Work Health and Safety Management System (WHSMS).

B-Safe Safety Solutions

Our Vision

Empower Companies to protect health and prevent injuries while maximising operational excellence

Our Mission

Inspire and Equip Leaders to Generate ‘Ripple Effect Safety’ by doing “safety differently”

Our Core Values

We believe that we should do the right thing, the right way, all the time. Our Core Values are embodied in four words: “Integrity and Excellence, Always”.

Applying those values to Safety, “Doing the right thing” means establishing a safe workplace that preserves the life and health of employees. “Doing it the right way” means being compliant with the WHS laws and other regulations, and pursuing excellence in all things. “All the time” means every employee being fully engaged in a culture of Safety and Excellence.