You will benefit from our professional industry relevant experience, skills and practical understanding.


We do this by acting as Work Health and Safety Partners and bringing a “Safety Differently” approach with modern ways of thinking to solve Workplace Health and Safety issues.

At B-Safe Safety Solutions, you will receive assistance from some of the best and brightest health and safety consultants in Australia. These professionals combine their skills and experience with extensive training in various facets of Work Health and Safety to provide you with comprehensive, tailored and well-rounded services.


We pride ourselves on providing practical Work Health and Safety support to our clients that is measured, meaningful and adds value to your business. Your safety is our success.

WHS Consulting

We come to you to review and assess your work Health and safety issues and requirements

WHS Training

Upskill your workforce in assential safety knowlwdge and skills

WHS Support Services

We will act as your business partner. Let us take care of WHS for your business

WHSMS andDocumentation

The best way to improve safety and facilitatecompliance

Audit and Certification

Systematic examination and evaluation of your WHS requirements and compliance

Return to Work

Return to Work Coordination, task analysis, and case management

Incident Investigation

Respond effectively and compliantly to workplace WHS incidents

Safety Culture andPerformance Review

Review and report on organisation’s safety culture and performance by structured online survey and interviews

Why We’re your Work Health and Safety Experts

We are proud of the reputation we’ve developed as trusted, reliable safety practitioners, enterprise advisors, committed business partners, Return to Work coordinators and industry leaders. We’ve worked hard to ensure we keep setting the benchmarks for best practice among WHS providers, so that every individual and employer we partner with gets best in class service and optimal outcomes, every time. Our approach focuses on the things that go right and instead of finding faults. We believe this is a far better way to set both the organisation and its people up for safety success. The value we bring to our clients is a clear pathway to improve safety culture; improved safety compliance, enhanced WHS performance; and new ways of working.