Build “Safety Differently” approach with complaint WHS Management System that can significantly improve your Work Health and Safety.

A workplace health and safety management system are a set of policies, procedures and plans that systematically manages health and safety at work with the aim of minimising the risk of injury and illness from workplace operations

Whether you are a small or large organisation, Work Health and Safety Management Systems embed WHS considerations into your operational workplace policies, procedures and practices to help you make workplace safety as an integral part of your business operation.

We work with you and your team to design, develop and implement customised WHS system and plans that is practical and tailored to your business. We can assist an organisation to build Work Health and Safety management system from scratch or to transition their existing AS 4801 system to the new ISO 45001 safety management system

WHS Management System

WHS Management System can significantly improve your Workplace Health & Safety. We can develop, implement and review your management system across all areas of Health & Safety to ensure compliance with the legislative requirements.

If you don’t have a WHS management system we can help you build one from scratch, however in most cases organisations have a system that needs upgrading. We will conduct a gap analysis of your existing system against legislative requirements (and against the ISO 45001 standard where required) and help you upgrade the system to ensure that your documentation complies.

Workplace Health and Safety issues and legal requirements need to be identified and the appropriate action to address those issues need to be determined. This means a WHS Management System needs to be customised for the specific needs of an organisation and with our ‘Safety Differently” approach, we can help you to build customise tailer made WHS management system.

We work with businesses large and small, across all industries, to support the development and/or continual improvement of their WHS management system. Our services are customised to suit your needs.

Our WHS consultants:

  • Help businesses comply with WHS legislation and regulations.
  • Ensure the contents of work health and safety documentation are managed on an ongoing basis.
  • Ensure your management system is effective and current
  • Check that the system includes mechanisms to continually improve using consultation and participation process
  • Help businesses to integrate their WHS system with other management systems.

Why You Need a WHS Management System

Establishing a Work Health and Safety Management System (WHSMS) helps a workplace to meet its duties and responsibilities under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011.

Having a WHS Management System will help to reduce workplace injury, property and equipment damage, service interruption, and company liability. Your system should enable all employees and workers to clearly understand the policies and the procedures required to achieve a safe work environment for everyone.

Key Benefits

There are many benefits of having customised WHS management system. Few are listed as below:

  • Organisational resilience through proactive risk treatment and mitigation, innovation and continual improvement.
  • Better compliance with the WHS laws while improving operational efficiency
  • Reduced workplace injuries resulting in reduced cost of incident and workers compensation premium
  • Increased trust and confidence from employees and other stakeholders
  • Consistent processes and practices with implementation of industry best practices
  • Organisational reputation and reduced employee turnover

Site WHS Plans, Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) and WHS Procedures

Site WHS Plans/ Construction WHS Management Plans

A Site WHS Plan or Site WHS Management Plans is a legislative requirement for a construction site. Our WHS consultants have developed various compliant formats of Site WHS Plans to suit specific components of a construction project through to the whole project to meet various States, the Australian Government and AS4801/ISO45001 requirements. Our Site WHS management Plans can be tailored and customised to cover any aspect of your project.

WHS/OHS Policies and WHS/OHS Procedures

Our specialised team of WHS consultants have extensive experience in developing WHS policies and WHS procedures for different industries. We continually assist organisations in developing or reviewing complex and simple WHS policies and WHS procedures in line with applicable legislative requirements including code of practices and standards in a simple format that is easy to understand, communicate and implement.

Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)

A Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) is required for 18 high risk construction work activities. Those activities include working at heights, confined spaces, electrical work, working near traffic, working on or near pressurised gas distribution mains or piping, working with asbestos and many other high risk work activities. Our WHS consultants are helping many small and medium organisations in developing and reviewing task specific Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS).

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