Save time, money and stress by Partnering with us. We will be your Virtual WHS Manager. The WHS Support Service has been developed to complement your internal resources or be the ‘part time’ WHS support you are looking for.

The WHS Support Service is tailored to your organisation and will provide a continuity of service that is both flexible and economical relative to fixed hire equivalents. We will tailor support program to align to your requirements. The plan can be for the purpose of a specific WHS project or for your long- and short-term objectives and deliverables including maintaining your WHS system.


Businesses have many different resourcing needs when it comes to work health and safety and risk management support. At B-Safe Safety Solutions, we have flexible Onsite, Virtual and Blended Safety Support options that will meet operational and financial needs.

Why engage B-Safe Safety Solutions for your WHS Support Services?

  • Customised and tailored WHS management partnership starting with 2 hours per week to full time resources
  • You choose delivery options – onsite, virtual or blended support
  • Plain English, simple safety processes, expert advice
  • Skilled and experienced WHS consultants engage your workers and improve your safety compliance
  • We find the best balance of risk and budgetary requirements
  • Very quick turnaround of your issues with satisfactory outcomes

We understand that maintaining and improving workplace safety is a journey and we are all at different stages. That’s why we have introduced the Safety Support Services Program to provide ongoing support for our partner organisations that want to maintain and improve their Health and Safety performance or just simply need some extra resources to complement their internal resources

Being partnered with B-Safe Safety Solutions means you have access to our safety professionals who can guide you through your safety journey. Our consultants will work with you to gain an understanding of your business requirements so that we can deliver high-quality, cost-effective solutions that suit your organisation.

Whether you would like a consultant onsite that can develop an in-depth understanding of your operations, become part of the team and be available for questions at any time or a Virtual Consultant that can be available at pre-arranged times for questions, we can accommodate.

The importance is the flexibility for you to decide on how you would like to meet your safety resourcing needs.

At B-Safe Safety Solutions, safeguarding your business, is our business. We have a variety of options available for consulting so if you have any questions relating to these options or simply have a question, then call us now or complete our online form and we will be in touch with you.


We pride ourselves on providing practical support to our clients that is measured, meaningful and adds value to your business. Your safety is our success.