WHS Audits give you a gauge of WHS practices, processes and requirements. We help you to ensure that your work health and safety management system is compliant and workplace risks are reduced or mitigated

Workplace WHS auditing can cover a wide range of assessments designed to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement. Our WHS Consultants can Audit your WHS Management System to assist in achieving relevant legislative compliance and also against criteria as outlined in ISO 45001.

Our auditors will review and evaluate existing WHS documentation, WHS policies, processes and practices to determine degree of compliance and performance in accordance with appropriate WHS laws and industry best practice requirements.

WHS Audits

Managing Workplace Health and Safety is a complex task that can’t be overlooked.

Your ongoing WHS compliance is vital for businesses, as penalties can be steep when breaches occur. It’s just not the risk of fines or loss in reputation, the long-term cost of injury on a business can be significant.

Our team can help to give you peace of mind and opportunities to improve your practices into the future with WHS audit and assistance to implement corrective actions

Our WHS Auditors will independently review and analyse your current WHS management system, processes and practices measuring it for compliance with ISO 45001 and applicable WHS laws. The audit will identify areas of opportunity for improvement, and at the end of the audit provide you a corrective action plan to improve your WHS system. Our WHS Audits are developed based on the ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System criteria and comparing what is legally required. This process examines your Policies, Procedures, Guidelines and other business processes aligned with your system.

As part of the WHS Audit we provide:

  • WHS audit tool (Based on ISO45001)
  • A comprehensive WHS audit report
  • Presentation to leaders
  • Legal compliance status
  • Recommendations for improving the WHS Management System
  • Way forward

ISO45001 Certification Preparation

Achieve best practice in Work Health and Safety by getting a ISO45001 Certification

ISO Certification: It is an assessment that certifies a management system, process, service or documentation that meets all the set requirements for standardisation and quality assurance.

Our team of qualified consultants in ISO45001 will work with you and your business to ensure your WHS Management System is audit ready in preparation of gaining Certification

What is ISO45001 Certification and do I need it?

Our Certification process helps your business manage the gap between your current practices and ISO45001 requirements. ISO45001 is an International Standard outlining best practice guidance on the contents of an Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

Having WHS system built to ISO45001 standards, then implemented and third-party certified can give significant benefit to organisations, including:

  • Safer workplace and reduced injury rates, better efficiency
  • Cheaper Workers’ Compensation insurance premiums,
  • Enhanced market presence
  • Greater sense of assurance
  • Being seen as an employer of choice by prospective candidates.

We can audit your current WHS system and provide a report on any gaps to ensure your system is compliant with ISO45001. We can then develop a project plan to integrate the needed changes into practice and can either provide advice on you implementing that plan or we can take care of the implementation as well. It is entirely up to you on how we help in your journey toward best practice. We will work with you until you get your ISO45001 Certification.


We pride ourselves on providing practical support to our clients that is measured, meaningful and adds value to your business. Your safety is our success.