Comprehensive incident investigation to identify root causes and sharing lesson learned, and develop solutions to mitigate WHS Risks

No matter how seriously any organisation takes workplace safety, incidents can and often do occur, and can cause significant disruption to your business – especially if handled poorly. Any incidents and/or near misses must be thoroughly investigated to establish the Root Causes. Many organisations do not have skilled investigators on their staff and when a serious incident occurs, they are unsure how to respond. Investigations into potentially serious incidents should be conducted by skilled investigators so that a systematic process is followed and all WHS legislative requirements are satisfied.

We help you to improve the quality of investigations by either leading or assisting your team with investigations into serious incidents.

WHS Incident Investigation

It is essential that investigations are conducted in a professional and objective manner, without blaming staff, and without pre-conceived biases. Too often we see investigation reports which are clearly biased against individuals or departments. Our team are skilled at conducting ‘no blame’ investigations that look for the real underlying ‘systemic’ causes of the incident.

Serious incidents often have multiple causal factors and without guidance from a skilled investigator it may be possible to miss the root cause of the incident. This means that it is possible that the incident could occur again. Trained investigators know how to identify those ‘root causes’ and can then guide the team in developing preventative actions.

As part of the ongoing relationships with our clients, we offer standing arrangements to lead or support teams on incident investigations where serious or potentially serious incidents have occurred. We also offer one-off investigation services where this is required. On completion of an investigation our clients will receive a detailed investigation report along with recommendations for preventing a recurrence of the incident.

While investigating the incident, we follow the following step of an investigation:

Step 1 – Immediate Actions – Immediate response requirements, Incident Notification and site preservation

Step 2 – Investigation Planning and Investigation Scope Setting

Step 3 – Data Collection – Information Gathering

Step 4 – Data Organisation

Step 5 – Incident Cause Analysis Method (ICAM) (depending upon the scope of investigation and method agreed)

Step 6 – Creating SMART Actions and lesson learned

Step 7 – Report preparation and record keeping

We also offer training and coaching of incident investigation skills including leading ICAM lead investigatorcourse. We offer these trainings either at workplace or online as a self-paced eLearning courses.


We pride ourselves on providing practical support to our clients that is measured, meaningful and adds value to your business. Your safety is our success.