Measure and improve your organisation’s commitment to workplace safety to enable and predict safety outcomes. Find out how to improve your safety culture with our end-to-end safety culture diagnostic and assessment tools.

The health of your organisation’s safety climate is changing constantly, and is dependent on production demands, resourcing and changes in policy, leadership or organisational structure.

B-Safe Safety Solutions’ safety maturity assessment and performance review can capture a snapshot of the climate of your organisation, leading to insights with a limited shelf life.

Safety Culture Maturity Assessment

When having a conversation about safety culture and safety leadership, many leaders and safety personnel still think solely about a single cause – the worker doing the job and the tools and equipment they work with. Safety is much more than that. Leaders are responsible for creating and maintaining the organisational culture within which people work. This culture influences the behaviour of all employees. Tracking workplace health and safety incidents is essential, but better understanding the safety culture within your organisation provides information you can use to create a culture that will help prevent those incidents from happening.

Recruitment and placement, staffing levels, performance management, promotion practices, rewards and incentives, contractual terms and so on, can all have impact on business safety. Our consultants work with leaders to help them understand the impact their organisational culture is having on safety and to develop solutions to change or enhance that culture to achieve the desired outcomes.

A positive leadership and management style, can improve an organisation’s work health and safety performance. An organisation’s culture consists of the values and behaviours that contribute to the social environment where work is undertaken.

Many organisations that have world class safety management systems in place, have been involved in some of the worst disasters. Many of the disasters in recent times, have been attributed to the absence of a” Culture of Safety” within those organisations.

B-Safe Safety Solutions’ Safety Culture maturity assessment provides senior managers with a clear and easy to understand report. It shows the safety culture in each area of your organisation as perceived by your staff. This data is used to help identify problems and tailor solutions in a measured and targeted fashion, as well as understanding your pockets of excellence to be celebrated and emulated across the organisation.

We will conduct a thorough review of the safety culture, safety systems and safety performance of your organisation, identifying areas that are working well and those that need improvement. We will assess your safety practices and the effectiveness of your safety governance against the requirements of WHS legislation and benchmark your firm against global best practices.

Our broad approach to safety culture maturity assessment and performance review is:

  • Assess the current situation through:
    • Safety culture surveys
    • Interviewing and observations guided by our safety culture maturity assessment methodology
  • Benchmarking of your safety culture maturity assessment based on survey and interviews outcomes
  • Develop and implement solutions to close safety culture gaps or to ensure there are no future gaps.
  • Provide ongoing guidance on aligning safety culture with organisation culture
  • Establishing key performance indicators measurement to ensure progress toward your goals
  • Provide ongoing monitoring to ensure sustainability